Types of Limousines: How to Choose the Perfect Fit for You

When choosing transportation for your next event, a limousine is a perfect choice if you want to arrive in style. However, there are actually many different types of limousines to choose from. Choosing a good limousine for your event depends entirely on your personal taste and your needs for the occasion. For those who are having a difficult time deciding, here are the different types of limousines available and what types of occasions they work best for.



A traditional stretch limousine is ideal for making an amazing impression at your event. In a traditional limousine, you’ll get comfortable seating with enough room for several people, privacy, and other features like complimentary water and temperature and music control. Traditional limousines are very versatile and can be used effectively for many different occasions, and they also tend to be more accessible than other types of limos. A traditional limousine is the perfect choice to impress a date or arrive in style at any event.


This type of limousine is smaller but no less effective than their traditional counterparts. A sedan is a good choice for someone who wants the classiness of a traditional limousine, but doesn’t want the same level of flash and grandeur. Sedans are subtly luxurious, providing the same comfortable seating and amenities, but they won’t put all eyes on you. A sedan is the perfect choice for impressing clients at a business meeting or getting around while you are traveling.types-of-limo


For the flashiest travelers, an SUV limo is a great option. A stretch SUV has tons of room to accommodate a big group, and many of them are set up to be party central, with dance lighting, music, video, and more. They often provide beverages and snacks as well. When you show up to an event in an SUV limo, you can be sure that everyone in the room will be looking at you. This is the ideal choice for an event like a bachelor(ette) party or a prom/homecoming dance where impressions are everything and you want to enjoy some real luxury and fun.

Choosing a limo for your event should be fun! Regardless of which type you choose, you will be sure to have a wonderful time and enjoy riding in a comfortable and stylish vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about our options for rental limos and other vehicles.